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Past SAC Speakers

Speakers and Topics Discussed at Monthly Meetings

Month/Yr Name Organization Topic
Jan Dr. Paul Knauth ASU
Dr. Michael West Lowell Observatory Weaving the Cosmic Web
Oct Dr. Steve Ruff ASU
Mars Science, from Telescope to
Sep-18 Dr. Arjun Dey National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Kitt Peak DESI – Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument being installed on the Mayall 4M telescope
Jul-18 Tyler Richey-Yowell Astrophysics PhD candidate, ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration The Ultraviolet Imperative for Assessing the Super-Habitability of Planets
Jun-18 Kevin Schindler Historian, Lowell Observatory Pluto Telescope restoration and other happenings on Mars Hill
May-18 Dr. Paul Knauth ASU Advanced Observing Techniques
Apr-18 Dr. Tom Mozdzen ASU First Stars and Hydrogen Gas Clouds in the Early Universe
Mar-18 Tom Polakis SAC CCD Photometry and its uses
Feb-18 Professor Wayne Pryor CAC The Cassini Mission and recent results
Jan-18 Dr. Michael Line ASU Exoplanet Atmospheres
Dec-17 SAC Holiday Party
Nov-17 Andy Odell NAU Serendipity in Astronomy
Oct-17 Dr. Rogier Windhorst ASU Status Update: James Webb Space Telescope
Sep-17 SAC Members SAC 2017 Eclipse presentations
Aug-17 SAC Members SAC Various Member Presentations
Jul-17 Dr. Gerald Van Belle Lowell Observatory How modern optical equipment manipulates light & the implications for next-generation telescopes
Jun-17 Dr. Steve Desch ASU Physics of the Space Race
May-17 Dr. Linda Elkins-Tanton ASU Recently selected NASA Psyche Mission
Apr-17 Kay Davis ASU Results from the Antarctic flight of the Stratospheric Terahertz Observatory
Mar-17 PhD Candidate Danielle Adams ASU Two Deserts, One Sky: Arab Observational Astronomy and Star Lore
Feb-17 Kevin LeGore Amateur Focus Astronomy Outreach
Jan-17 Dr. Sean Bryan ASU The Early Universe
Dec-16 SAC Holiday Party
Nov-16 Richard Harshaw Amateur Astronomer Seeing Double Without Booze or Drugs: How Speckle Interferometry Changed my Amateur Direction
Oct-16 Steve Coe SAC Comets Observed Over the Years
Sep-16 Staphanie Sallum UA Imaging Exoplanets Using the Large Binocular Telescope
Aug-16 Phillip Mauskopf ASU The Detection of Gravitational Waves
Jul-16 Tom Polakis SAC Time-Lapse Imaging with 3 Very Different Cameras
Jun-16 Kevin Schindler Lowell Observatory Lowell History & Restoration of 24-inch Clark Telescope
May-16 Nat Butler ASU Recent Progress in the Field of Gamma Ray Bursts
Apr-16 Craig Hardgrove ASU Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper Mission
Mar-16 Evan Scannapieco ASU Hot Haloes Around Elliptical Galaxies
Feb-16 Paul Knauth ASU The Young & Faint Sun
Jan-16 Phil Massey Lowell Observatory The Evolution of Massive Stars: Closing the Loop in the Galaxies of the Local Group
Dec-15 SAC Holiday Party
Nov-15 Bob Bucheim Orange County Astronomers Some Things You Can Do With the Night
Oct-15 Dr. Patrick Young ASU Building Worlds: Astrobiology from a Stellar Perspective
Sep-15 Dennis Zaritsky UA Overview of the History of Dark Matter Research and Recent Work on the “Bullet” Cluster and How it Gives Us More Direct Evidence for Dark Matter
Aug-15 Various Members SAC Member Presentations
Jul-15 Michi Baubock UA My Research Efforts on Neutron Stars
Jul-15 Tom Mozdzen Amateur Astronomer First years of Astrophysics program at ASU plus EDGES (Experiment to Detect the Global Epoch of Reionization Signature) project
Jun-15 Richard Harshaw & Jimmy Ray Amateur Astronomers High-Resolution Speckle Interferometry of Double Stars
May-15 Bill Dellinges EVAC A Personal History of Telescopes
Apr-15 Christopher Groppi ASU Scientific Ballooning in Antarctica (THz astrophysics)
Mar-15 Mark Trueblood Winer Observatory Observatory Projects, emphasizing Near Earth Objects
Feb-15 Alan Dyer SkyNews The Great Southern Skies
Jan-15 Hector Vasquez National Weather Service Climate & Weather Modeling
Dec-14 Matt Luttinen SAC Holiday Party
Nov-14 Ken Graun Amateur Astronomer Tour of the Solar System
Oct-14 Fred Espenak NASA Eclipse Page Writer August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
Sep-14 Jeremy Perez Amateur Astronomer Nightscape Photography & Astronomical Sketching
Aug-14 Dr. Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory Exoplanet Transit Photometry with the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
Jul-14 Dr. David A. Williams ASU 100 Worlds & Counting: Exploring the Moons of the Outer Solar System
Jun-14 Dr. Rolf A. Jansen ASU Why Hot Stellar Populations are Cool
May-14 Henry De Jonge IV GRCO
Sagittarius A*, The Super Massive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy
Apr-14 Paul Scowen ASU The Science in Amateur Astronomer Astroimages
Mar-14 Dean Ketelsen Steward Mirror Lab Astro-Tourism in AZ
Feb-14 Bob Denny The Elements of Remote Imaging Success
Jan-14 Stephen Levine Lowell Observatory The Flexible Mirrors of the Discovery Channel Telescope
Dec-13 Matt Luttinen SAC Holiday Party
Nov-13 Mark Robinson ASU Exploring the Moon: Results from the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter Camera
Oct-13 Melissa Morris ASU Meteorites 101
Sep-13 Deidre Hunter Lowell Observatory LITTLE THINGS (Local Irregulars That Trace Luminosity Extremes, The HiNearby Galaxy Survey)
Aug-13 Gilbert Esquerdo Fred Whipple Lawrence Observatory Being an Astronomer & Kepler Project
Jul-13 Various Members SAC Show & Tell
Jun-13 Dean Ketelsen Steward Mirror Lab What’s Up at the Mirror Lab & Time-Lapse Photography
May-13 Mike Wiles SAC Astrophotography
Apr-13 Paul Knauth ASU Smashed-Up Universe
Mar-13 Paul Lind SAC Construction of Astrograph
Feb-13 Gerard van Belle Lowell Observatory Optical Interferometry
Jan-13 Bruce Koehn Lowell Observatory Amateur Research Initiative (LARI)
Dec-12 Matt Luttinen SAC Holiday Party
Nov-12 Stephen Pyne ASU Voyager Missions
Oct-12 Jeff Hopkins SAC Spectroscopy
Sep-12 Bernard Miller EVAC Astroimaging – part 2
Aug-12 Bernard Miller EVAC Astroimaging – part 1
Jul-12 Wil Grundy Lowell Observatory New Horizons Pluto Mission
Jun-12 Alan Strauss Mt. Lemmon Sky Center Citizen Science & Solar Sketching
May-12 Ray Sanders ASU Be/X-ray Binaries in SMC
Apr-12 Ken Zoll Independent Ancient Arizona Astronomy
Mar-12 Tom McCarthy Meteors, Satellites, Asteroids
Feb-12 Paul Knauth ASU Astrobiology
Jan-12 Jim Bell ASU Mars Rovers
Dec-11 Chris Hanrahan SAC Holiday Party
Nov-11 Nat Butler ASU Gamma Ray Bursts
Oct-11 Tom Polakis SAC Atacama Astronomy
Sep-11 Jeffrey Hall Lowell Observatory Lowell Projects Overview
Aug-11 Various Members SAC Show & Tell
Jul-11 Bernard Miller EVAC Remote Observatory at Hidalgo Ranch
Jun-11 Luis Martinez Amateur Spectroscopy & Photometry
May-11 Fred Vrba USNO Geosynchronous Satellites
Apr-11 Dean Ketelsen Steward Mirror Lab GMT & LSST Mirrors
Mar-11 Nat White Lowell Observatory Occultation Expeditions & Results
Feb-11 William K. Hartmann Origin of the Moon
Jan-11 Steve Coe SAC Simple Astroimaging
Dec-10 Prause Residence SAC Holiday Party
Nov-10 Gene Lucas SAC The Two Green Planets
Oct-10 Rogier Windhorst ASU HST & James Webb Space Telescope
Sep-10 Frank Timmes ASU Supernovae & White Dwarf Stars
Aug-10 Bob Birket EVAC Astroimaging
Jul-10 Various Members SAC Member Show & Tell
Jun-10 Emilio Falco Whipple Observatory Extrasolar Planets & Mearth
May-10 Chris Luginbuhl USNO Light Pollution
Apr-10 Randy Peterson EVAC Modern Asteroid Occultations
Mar-10 Tom Kaye Amateur Spectrashift Extrasolar Planet Project
Feb-10 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory Kepler Mission
Jan-10 Klaus Brasch Amateur Observing in Chile
Dec-09 Trask Residence SAC Holiday Party
Nov-09 Evan Scannapieco ASU
Oct-09 None
Sep-09 Rik Hill & Dolores Hill Catalina Sky Survey Updates on Catalina Sky Survey
Aug-09 Steve Desch ASU Cryovolcanism on Charon
Jul- 09 Various Members SAC Show & Tell
Jun-09 Howard Israel EVAC Mayan Astronomy
May-09 AJ Crayon SAC Galaxy Classification Schemes
Apr-09 Paul Knauth ASU Astrobiology of the 22nd Century
Mar-09 Jeremy Perez Astronomical Sketching
Feb-09 Dave Salman Remote Telescope Control and Imaging
Jan-09 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory HIPO & SOFIA Updates
Dec-08 Trask Residence SAC Holiday Party
Nov-08 Dan Heim Light Pollution
Oct-08 Steven Aggas EVAC Building and Observing with the 36″ Telescope
Sep-08 Adam Block Mt. Lemmon Public Astronomy Program
Aug-08 Richard Harshaw SAC The Awesome World of Double Stars
Jul- 08 Tom Polakis SAC Rounding the Curb in Webcam Imaging
Jun-08 Brent Archinal The New Reconnaissance of the Moon & Return to the Moon
May-08 Don Wrigley EVAC Observing the Moon
Apr-08 Patrick Woida Phoenix Mars Mission
Mar-08 Frank Zullo The Sky in Stone
Feb-08 Joe Bergeron Amateur Space art
Jan-08 Klaus Brasch Amateur Astroimaging
Dec-07 Jennifer Polakis SAC Christmas Party
Nov-07 Steve Coe SAC Lord Rosse
Oct-07 Philip Pinto Steward Observatory Large Scale Synoptic Survey Telescope
Sep-07 AJ Crayon SAC Open Clusters
Aug-07 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory Exoplanet surveys
Jul-07 Brian Gootee ASU Mars geology
Jun-07 None SAC Swap Meet
Jun-07 Jay Holmberg UofA The Boigraphy of a Star
May-07 Phil Christensen ASU Mars: New Views of a Complex Planet
Apr-07 Rik Hill Catalina Sky Survey Things That Go Bump In The Night
Mar-07 David Healy Amateur 32″ JBO Observatory
Feb-07 Jeremy Perez Amateur Astronomical sketching
Jan-07 Steve Coe SAC Nebulae
Dec-06 Susan Pritchard SAC Christmas party
Nov-06 Brent Archinal USNO Moon mapping
Oct-06 Jon Christensen Amateur Astroimaging
Sep-06 Ted Bowell Lowell Observatory NEO’s and Pluto naming
Aug-06 Paul Scowen ASU Orion MIDEX mission
Jul-06 Steve Dodder SAC Solar observing
Jun-06 None Swap Meet
May-06 Tom Polakis SAC Sky photography
Apr-06 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory Kuiper Express exoplanet mission
Mar-06 David Burstein ASU Chemical composition of globular clusters
Feb-06 Paul Knauth ASU Latest findings on Mars
Jan-06 Paul Lind SAC Earliest history of astrophotography
Dec-05 Susan Pritchard SAC Christmas party
Nov-05 Don Machholz Amateur Comet hunting
Oct-05 Bill Ferris Amateur Aperture and contrast
Sep-05 Mike Spooner Amateur Optics and telescope making
Aug-05 Robert McCall McCall Studios Space art career
Jul-05 Wayne Johnson TAAA Supernovae
Jun-05 Joe Orman EVAC Naked eye 100 list
May-05 Brent Archinal USNO Huygens probe
Apr-05 Steve Coe SAC Australia trip
Mar-05 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Minimalist observing
Feb-05 Christopher Watson Amateur SkyGX star atlas
Jan-05 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory SOFIA observatory update
Dec-04 David Fredericksen SAC Christmas party
Nov-04 Jack Newton Amateur ASV
Oct-04 Tom Polakis SAC Namibia Observing
Sep-04 Michael Schwartz/Steve Coe Tenagra Observatory/SAC Supernova discovery
Aug-04 Gene Turner Amateur Telescopes In Education
Jul-04 Doug Snyder/Dave Healy Amateurs Venus transit trips
Jun-04 Bill Hartmann UofA Mars geology
Jun-04 Steve Dodder Amateur Overview of the sun
May-04 George DeLange Amateur Archaeoastronomy
Apr-04 George Coyne Vatican Observatory Dance of the fertile universe
Mar-04 Chuck Wood Amateur Lunar observing
Feb-04 Paul Knauth Amateur Mars geology
Jan-04 Fulvio Melia UofA Black hole at the center of the Milky Way
Dec-03 David Fredericksen SAC Christmas party
Nov-03 Brent Archinal USGS-Flagstaff Mars lander missions
Oct-03 Tom Polakis SAC Planetarium software
Sep-03 Adam Block KPNO Advanced observers program
Aug-03 Herve Dole ? Cosmological surveys
Jul-03 Chris Schur SAC Happy Jack Observatory
Jun-03 Various Members SAC Show & Tell
May-03 Rich Jakiel Amateur Challenging deep-sky objects
Apr-03 Joe Bergeron Amateur Space art
Mar-03 Paul Scowen ASU Wolf-Rayet stars
Feb-03 Doug Snyder Amateur Planetary nebulae
Jan-03 David Burstein ASU Q&A session
Dec-02 AJ Crayon SAC Christmas party
Nov-02 AJ Crayon SAC Astronomical drawings
Oct-02 Dave Healy Amateur Astrophotography bloopers
Sep-02 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory Search for habitable planets
Aug-02 Various Members SAC Show & Tell
Jul-02 Bob Millis Lowell Observatory Kuiper Belt
Jun-02 None Swap meet
May-02 Peter Wehinger Steward Observatory Steward Observatory
Apr-02 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Narrative over Chris Schur’s images
Mar-02 Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory SOFIA airborne observatory
Feb-02 Sally Oey Lowell Observatory Galaxy formation
Jan-02 Maggie Turnbull UofA SETI
Dec-01 AJ Crayon SAC Christmas party
Nov-01 Steve Coe SAC All about filters
Oct-01 Paul Scowen ASU Molecular clouds
Sep-01 Tom Polakis SAC Southern sky observing
Aug-01 Laura Wodney Lowell Observatory Comets
Jul-01 Dan McKenna Steward Observatory Seeing and turbulence
Jun-01 John Spencer Lowell Observatory Jupiter’s moons
May-01 AJ Crayon SAC Astronomical drawings
Apr-01 Chris Schur SAC Color CCD astrophotography
Mar-01 Wil Milan SAC VLBI astronomy project
Feb-01 John Casella/Bill Kelly Amateur ATM projects
Jan-01 Vicky Hamilton ASU Mars Global Surveyor
Dec-00 AJ Crayon SAC Christmas party
Nov-00 Chris Schur SAC CCD imaging
Oct-00 Steve Coe SAC Dark nebulae
Sep-00 Rik Hill KPNO Spectrographs and spectroscopes
Aug-00 Marilyn Unruh Amateur Sketching the moon
Jul-00 Amanda Bosh Lowell Observatory Planetary rings
Jun-00 None Swap Meet
May-00 Jeff Hester ASU Origins of stars
Apr-00 David Burstein ASU Current state of cosmology
Mar-00 Wil Milan SAC History of astrophotography
Feb-00 Bob Erdmann SAC NGC/IC Project
Jan-00 Michael Bakich Amateur Constellations
Dec-99 Camelback Arms Christmas party
Nov-99 Steve Coe SAC Simple astrophotography
Oct-99 Derald Nye Amateur August eclipse
Sep-99 Amanda Bosh Lowell Observatory Saturn’s rings
Aug-99 Dean Ketelsen Steward Observatory Steward Mirror Lab
Jul-99 Tom McGrath ASU Binary stars
Jun-99 Chris Schur SAC Digitized Schmidt astrophotography
May-99 Bill Peters Amateur Meteorite hunting
Apr-99 Rik Hill KPNO Solar observing
Mar-99 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Where is the edge in deep-sky observing
Feb-99 Jeff Medkeff Amateur Mars observing
Jan-99 Glen Sanner Amateur Visual observing
Dec-98 Steve and Rosie Dodder SAC Christmas party
Nov-98 Marc Buie Lowell Observatory Pluto
Oct-98 Jason Aufdenberg ASU Star and interstellar medium
Sep-98 Peter Wehinger ASU Large Binocular Telescope
Aug-98 Steve Coe SAC Meteor showers
Jul-98 Stan Celestian JPL Ambassador Galileo mission
Jun-98 None Swap meet
May-98 Tom Polakis SAC Backyard CCD imaging
Apr-98 Paul Comba Amateur Discovering asteroids
Mar-98 Members SAC Show and tell
Feb-98 Derald Nye Amateur Eclipse chasing
Jan-98 Paul Knauth ASU Astrobiology
Dec-97 Susan Pritchard SAC Christmas party
Nov-97 Paul Scowen ASU HST observations
Oct-97 Peter Wehinger ASU ASU observatory progress
Sep-97 Warren Kutok Photon Instruments Refurbishing old telescopes
Aug-97 Sheri Cahn EVAC HST observing project
Jul-97 AJ Crayon SAC E400 slides
Jun-97 None Swap meet
May-97 Gerry Rattley SAC ASP slide set: famous astronomers
Apr-97 Members SAC Show and tell
Mar-97 Steve Coe/Chris Schur SAC Comets
Feb-97 Gerry Rattley SAC Supernovae
Jan-97 None None
Dec-96 Steve Coe SAC Christmas party
Nov-96 Jim Crisman SAC A new look at galaxy morphology
Oct-96 Joason Offenburg ASU Stellar winds and mass loss in stars
Sep-96 David Burstein ASU Cosomology: H-R diagram for galaxies
Aug-96 Dan Matlaga ASU planetarium Astronomical asterisks
Jul-96 Ed Vega/Max Bray Amateur Vega-Bray Observatory
Jun-96 None Swap meet
May-96 John Spencer Lowell Observatory The great comet crash
Apr-96 Peter Wehinger ASU Comets: the three H’s
Mar-96 Kim Poor Novaspace Space art
Feb-96 Chris Schur SAC Astrophotography
Jan-96 Jeff Hester ASU HST view of M16 and other nebulae
Dec-95 Susan Pritchard SAC Christmas party
Nov-95 Jim Rice/Ken Edgett ASU Mars Planned Missions
Oct-95 Amanda Bosh Lowell Observatory Saturn’s disappearing rings
Sep-95 Steve Coe SAC Eyepieces
Aug-95 Members SAC Show and tell
Jul-95 Randall Whitlock ASU How to spot a meteorite
Jun-95 Peter Wehinger ASU ASU telescope for students
May-95 Pete Manly SAC Airborne astronomy
Apr-95 Gene Lucas SAC The eye in astronomy
Mar-95 Ralph Aeschliman USGS-Flagstaff Planetary mapping
Feb-95 Dan Matlaga ASU planetarium 40,000 years of mythology
Jan-95 Kim Poor Novaspace Space art
Dec-94 Leroy Paller SAC Christmas party
Nov-94 Pierre Schwaar/Paul Lind SAC Eclipse trip to Peru
Oct-94 Jeff Hester ASU HST: recent improvements
Sep-94 Jim Scotti KPNO Spacewatch program
Aug-94 Steve Mutz ASU Images of faint galaxies from HST
Jul-94 Jeff Hopkins SAC Astrology and astronomy
Jun-94 Members SAC Show and tell
May-94 David Jacobs/Ben Mixon ASU/SW Museum Archeoastronomy
Apr-94 Paul Comba Amateur Asteroid discovery
Mar-94 Rick Blakely Amateur Evaluating telescopes
Feb-94 Henry Vanderbilt ? Space Access Society
Jan-94 Tom Polakis SAC Chile observing
Dec-93 Leroy Paller SAC Christmas party
Nov-93 None None
Oct-93 None None
Sep-93 Steve Coe SAC Humanity discovers island universes
Aug-93 Frank Zullo Amateur Astrophotography
Jul-93 Chris Schur SAC Darkroom procedures for astrophotography
Jun-93 David Levy Amateur Breakup of Shoemaker-Levy 9
May-93 Members SAC Show and tell
Apr-93 David Burstein ASU Dark matter and the fate of the universe
Mar-93 David Crawford IDA Light pollution and how to fight it
Feb-93 Phil Christensen ASU Mars Observerver
Jan-93 Leon Knott Amateur Telescope making
Dec-92 Paul Lind SAC Christmas party
Nov-92 None Swap meet
Oct-92 Members SAC Piggyback astrophotography
Sep-92 Jeff Hester ASU HST experiences
Aug-92 Rick Rotramel SAC UofA mirror lab
Jul-92 Gerry Rattley SAC Planetary nebulae
Jun-92 David Levy Amateur Art of finding comets
May-92 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Starspots and tomorrow’s weather
Apr-92 Derald Nye Amateur Past eclipse results
Mar-92 None None
Feb-92 Stan Student SAC Backyard observatory in Scottsdale
Jan-92 Chris Schur SAC Astrophotography with SBIG autoguider
Dec-91 Paul Lind SAC Christmas party
Nov-91 None Swap meet
Oct-91 Steve Coe SAC History of astrophotography
Sep-91 Jack Larmer ASU Planetary formation in the Solar System
Aug-91 Members SAC Baja solar eclipse
Jul-91 Rick Rotramel/Jeff Charles SAC Mazatlan total eclipse report
Jun-91 Members SAC Eclipse preparation
May-91 Kurt Zebatel ASU Tunguska movie
Apr-91 David Burstein ASU Cosmology
Mar-91 Pera Annestad ASU Gases and dust between the stars
Feb-91 Paul Knauth ASU Malin Slides and ESO
Jan-91 Pete Burggraaf SAC Harquahala Observatory
Dec-90 Steve Coe SAC Christmas party
Nov-90 Steve Coe SAC Serendipity in astronomy
Oct-90 Pierre Schwaar SAC Video of moon and planets
Sep-90 Peter Wehinger ASU Mt Graham Observatory
Aug-90 5 from SAC SAC Australia trip
Jul-90 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Chile observing
Jun-90 David Levy Amateur Comet, nova, comet
May-90 Neville Woolf UofA Planned telescopes/Mt. Graham
Apr-90 Tom Polakis/Pierre Schwaar SAC Five years in SAC/Video
Mar-90 Robert Fried Braeside Observatory Photometry
Feb-90 George Coyne Vatican Observatory Birth of stars and galaxies
Jan-90 Ken Ziegler Amateur High school astronomical consortium
Dec-89 Steve Coe SAC Christmas party
Nov-89 AJ Crayon SAC Drawing astronomical objects
Oct-89 Dan Brocious SAO/MMT MMT
Sep-89 Randy Whitlock ASU Meteorite study
Aug-89 Ted Bowell Lowell Observatory Asteroid research
Jul-89 Pete Manly SAC Bright sky astronomy
Jun-89 David Levy Amateur Comet hunting, variable stars
May-89 Carolyn Collins Peterson U. of Colorado Planetary science and comets
Apr-89 Arthur Hoag Lowell Observatory Simple experiments
Mar-89 Linda Striker ASU? Cosmology/galaxy collisions
Feb-89 Chris Schur SAC Astro films
Jan-89 David Crawford SAC IDA
Dec-88 Steve Coe SAC Christmas party
Nov-88 Steve Coe SAC History of the NGC
Oct-88 Jeff Charles SAC Mt. Kobau Star Party in Canada
Sep-88 Pierre Schwaar SAC Close approach of Mars
Aug-88 Rik Hill KPNO Amateur solar work
Jul-88 7 from SAC SAC Australia trip
Jun-88 Members SAC Show and Tell
May-88 Merle Parmer DeVry Institute JPL and the Galileo Project
Apr-88 Members SAC Show and Tell
Mar-88 Clyde Tombaugh Lowell Observatory Discovery of Pluto (at Brophy Prep.)
Feb-88 Pete Manly SAC Weird telescopes
Jan-88 Carleton Moore ASU Moon rocks
Dec-87 Steve Coe SAC Christmas party
Nov-87 Brian Skiff Lowell Observatory Atmospheric haloes and rainbows
Oct-87 Anne Cowley ASU Astronomy in China
Sep-87 Ken Ziegler Amateur High school astronomy program
Aug-87 Paul Tierney Amateur Australian amateur astronomy
Jul-87 Jim Scotti Steward Observatory Faint comet recovery
Jun-87 David Levy Amateur History of comet discoveries
May-87 Ed Phillips KTAR radio Phx weather and Australia trip
Apr-87 Steve Coe SAC Lord Rosse’s career
Mar-87 Members SAC Show and Tell
Feb-87 Peter Wehinger ASU Comet Halley results
Jan-87 Pete Manly SAC Planetary ring formation
Dec-86 Reata Pass Steakhouse Christmas party
Nov-86 David Burstein ASU Cosmology
Oct-86 Members SAC Q&A panel discussion
Sep-86 Curt Taylor SAC Visual sensitivity and observing techniques
Aug-86 Carleton Moore ASU Meteorite study
Jul-86 Ure Corsenty ASU? Formation of the Solar System
Jun-86 Pete Manly SAC Radio astronomy/VLA
May-86 Coe/Fredericksen/Schur SAC Australia trip
Apr-86 Jeff Charles SAC Eclipses
Mar-86 Gerry Rattley SAC Lunar grazing occultation timing
Feb-86 Steve Coe SAC His 18″ f/6 Dobsonian
Jan-86 Kathy Terry ASU Impact of Comet Halley on people
Dec-85 Pinnacle Peak Patio Christmas party
Nov-85 None None
Oct-85 Russell Genet Amateur Automatic photoelectric telescopes
Sep-85 None Swap meet
Aug-85 Paul Knauth ASU Climactic History of Earth
Jul-85 Gerry Rattley SAC Orbits of visual binary stars
Jun-85 Chris Schur/Steve Coe SAC Comets
May-85 Paul Schmidtke ASU Epslion Aurigae
Apr-85 Bil Romonshin ASU Gases in galaxy clusters
Mar-85 David Levy Amateur Observing in shadow of Kitt Peak
Feb-85 Dave Schleicher ASU Solar System history/recent discovery
Jan-85 Susan Wyckoff ASU QSO’s, also Comet Halley
Dec-84 Betty Gardner Christmas party
Nov-84 G. Harry Stein ? The development of space
Oct-84 Frank Bronwell ? FAR telescope in Tasmania
Sep-84 Robert Millis Lowell Observatory Asteroid occultations
Aug-84 Mark Wagner ASU SS433
Jul-84 Steve Coe SAC Planetary nebulae
Jun-84 Ken Ziegler Amateur Asteroid photometry
May-84 Kim Poor Novaspace Space art
Apr-84 Dan Brocious MMT World’s largest telescopes
Mar-84 Members SAC Show and Tell
Feb-84 Anne Cowley ASU LMC X-1: A Black Hole?
Jan-84 Peter Wehinger ASU Comet Halley – amateur work
Dec-83 Scottsdale Hilton Christmas party
Nov-83 Brad Whitmore ASU Gyroscope galaxies
Oct-83 Ron Greeley ASU Solar System spacecraft exploration
Sep-83 Steve Coe SAC Piggyback Astrophotography
Aug-83 Gerry Rattley SAC The Java Eclipse
Jul-83 Delores Hill KPNO Meteorite study
Jun-83 Wally Brown SAC Sketching planets
May-83 Members SAC Show and Tell
Apr-83 Clyde Tombaugh Lowell Observatory Search for Planet X
Mar-83 John Winters Glendale Comm. Coll. Variable star observing
Feb-83 Rik Hill KPNO Amateur solar observations
Jan-83 Members SAC Show and Tell
Dec-82 Pinnacle Peak Patio SAC Christmas Party
Nov-82 Scott Stiers SAC William Herschel
Oct-82 Desmond Welch USAF Shuttle Launches and Landings
Sep-82 Ron Evans NASA Apollo 17 Command Module / Shuttle
Aug-82 Curt Taylor SAC Gas Giants
Jul-82 Pete Manly SAC Observatories
May-82 Mike Flinsch SAC Comets and Meteorites
Apr-82 Mike Marron SAC Earth Shattering Evolution
Mar-82 Dave Fredericksen SAC Scopes and Mounts
Feb-82 Wally Brown SAC Stars
Jan-82 John Gerometta SAC Observing Double Stars
Dec-81 SAC Christmas Party
Sep-81 Dave Fredericksen SAC Constructing a Dobsonian
Jun-81 John Gerometta SAC Observing Double Stars
May-81 Pete Manly SAC Solar Eclipses
Mar-81 Members SAC Telescope Fair
Feb-81 Wally Brown SAC Messier Marathon
Jan-81 Fred Tretta SAC Telescope Mountings
Sep-80 SAC Science Fiction Films
Sep-79 Dave Matlaga ASU Mark Twain and Astronomy
Feb-79 Members SAC Running Astronomy Programs on GCC Computers