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Bioscience High School

February 10, 2019 – February 16, 2019 all-day
Bioscience High School
Michael Palacios
Bioscience High School @ Bioscience High School

We’re a group that focuses on light pollution from the downtown Phoenix area. We attend Bioscience Highschool, and we are hoping to branch out into the community to help with the problem light pollution brings to the biotic community and the economy. So far we have all gathered about 2 years worth of research and our next step is to take this project further and create an intervention (in our community). We also want to get in touch with other people that share this common interest. We want to get involved in what you think will help us further our knowledge in this area.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, however if you are not able to, we completely understand. If that is to be the case, would you be able to put us in contact with anyone you think that might be able to help us?

Thanks for your help,
Michael Palacios on behalf of H.A.R.R.P