Folks and Scopes
A.J. Crayon & 8-inch Newtonian (a boy and his toy)
Pierre Schwaar's Dual 8-inch Riding Binocular chair
Steve Coe & 13-inch Newtonian (a larger boy with a larger toy)
Pierre Schwaar doing his best Napolean imitation
Tom Polakis and Bob Dahl Set Up at Sentinel, Arizona
Steve Coe with Tom Clark's 36-inch, F/5 at the Ultimate Star Party
Australian SAC Member, Jim Barclay & his 12.5 inch
Chris Schur lifting his 16
Rick Nadolny, his 8
Steve Coe, AJ Crayon, Helen and Richard Lines in the Lines' Obs.
A shot of SAC members at the 1984 Riverside meeting
A.J. Crayon at the drive gear of the 24-inch Lowell refractor
Tom Polakis and Pierre Schwaar with Tom's new 24-inch Dobsonian
Geoge de Lange hoists his 16-inch at Sentinel, Arizona
Gerry Rattley and Jim Stevens at Riverside Telescope Makers Conference 1993
Setup at Sore Finger Road (1987)
Tom Bopp at 1996 Messier Marathon
Steve Coe's 18-inch, F/6 Dobsonian (1986)
Brian Skiff shows the Lowell 24-inch to a group from SAC
Ken Reeves and Brian Workman at Sentinel, Arizona
Paul Knauth and his telescope trailer (12-inch, F/6.5 Newtonian)
Paul Knauth with his 12-inch set up and ready to observe
Jerry Maurer setting up his 10-inch Newtonian at public star party
Jim Crisman's Celestron at Messier Marathon (1995)
Riverside Telecope Makers Conference - Pierre Schwaar & Jim Stevens
Solar Prominence refractor (and waiting line) at Riverside