by Steve Coe
13" f/5.6 unless noted

NGC 2579 Pretty bright, pretty large, pretty rich, somewhat compressed, 28 stars counted at 150X. Installing the UHC filter brings out a faint, small round nebulosity on the south side of this nice cluster.

NGC 2613 Pretty bright, pretty large, much brighter in the middle, very much elongated 5 X 1 in PA 110. This nice edge-on galaxy is in a rich star field.

NGC 2627 Bright, pretty large, pretty rich, pretty compressed, 32 stars of mags 11 to 13 counted at 165X. The background is lumpy with unresolved stars. There is a nice white and light blue double star on the east side of the cluster.

NGC 2635 Pretty faint, pretty small, much compressed, somewhat rich, bright middle, 12 stars counted at 150X, going to 220X resolves 3 more stars in the center.

NGC 2658 Pretty faint, pretty small, pretty much compressed, somewhat rich, 18 stars counted at 150X. The stars in this cluster are 12th mag and dimmer, there are several dark lanes involved.

NGC 2818 This same NGC number is applied to an open star cluster and a planetary nebula involved within that cluster. The cluster is pretty faint, pretty large, somewhat elongated, 16 stars were counted across a hazy background at 135X on a night I rated 5/10, on a much better night (7/10) I called the cluster pretty bright and could resolve 34 members at 150X. The planetary nebula is easy at all powers on the Eastern edge of the open cluster. A few dark lanes are seen in the planetary at 165X, it is light green at all powers.

NGC 2888 Faint, small, round, gradually brighter middle at 150X.