by Steve Coe
17.5" f/4.5

NGC 5824 Pretty bright, pretty small, round, very bright core, not resolved at any magnification up to 200X.

NGC 5882 Pretty bright, pretty small, somewhat elongated, green at all powers, no hint of a central star even at 200X.

NGC 5986 Pretty bright, pretty large, elongated, arrowhead shape, resolved at 135X, with a pretty bright star at the edge.

NGC 6026 Faint, pretty large, just a dim dot with a faint central star at 135X. Averted vision helps the contrast with this object.

18" f/4.5 16mm Texas Star Party pretty faint, pretty small, central star seen all the time. Aviz helps.

IC 4406 Pretty bright, pretty large, somewhat elongated, not much, just a greenish dot at 135X.

K LUP Wide split, white and blue.

Eta LUP Split at 100X, this nice pair is white and light blue.