Corona Borealis
by Steve Coe
13.1" f/5.6 unless noted

Abell 2065 The Corona Borealis Galaxy Cluster On two sessions,
one at Sentinel with Bob Dahl's 20" f/5 and at Dugas with the
13" I have not been able to pick out any individual galaxies.
There is a glow in the region, but no galaxies.

36" f/5 TSP 96 S=6, T=8 The view itself is not spectacular, but
realizing what you are seeing is amazing. 11 small galaxies seen
with a 20mm Nagler, all are faint. 2 are brighter than the rest,
but all are not easy. The fainter galaxies come and go with the
seeing. No real detail to be seen, one or two have a somewhat
brighter middle, but not much.

Double Stars

Sigma CRB Split at 100X, triple with close yellow and white
pair with a distant blue comes.

Zeta CRB Easy at 100X, Both blue-white, unmatched pair