Canis Minor
By Steve Coe
13" f/5.6 unless noted

NGC 2350 100X--very faint, small, elongated 2X1 in PA 110,
very little brighter middle.

NGC 2394 100X--not rich, not compressed, pretty large, very
little compressed, stars 10...11. 12 stars in 2 chains to
NW of Eta CMI. Not well detached.

UGC 3912 100X-- extremely faint, pretty small, little elongated
1.5X1 in PA 110, very, very little brighter in the middle.
Never really held steady. Averted vision helps a lot.
A toughie even on a great night. Granite Wash Mt. S=7, T=9.

Abell 20 PK214+ 7.1 100X--extremely faint, pretty small,
not brighter in the middle, round, 2 very faint stars involved
on north side. UHC helps a little--not many photons to filter.
Extremely low surface brightness, averted vision helps. Tough.
150X--no better with and without filter, at limit of 13" and
superior night at Sentinel.

Abell 22 PK215+11.1 100X nothing at right spot on excellent
night at Granite Wash Mt.

Abell 24 PK217+14.1 100X--just barely seen with averted vision.
Extremely faint, pretty large, not brighter middle, round,
2 very faint stars involved. 150x--helps some, still not held
steady, seen about 30% of the time. The UHC never helped.
Above observation is from Buckeye on a 6/10 night.
Going to Sentinel the next night it was much easier, still
faint, but not difficult. The UHC helps some on a better night.