by Steve Coe
using 13" f/5.6

NGC 6726 and NGC 6727 Pretty bright, pretty large, round, with
two blue-white stars involved at 135X. The UHC filter enhances the
contrast of this nebula somewhat. It is difficult to tell where
NGC 6726 starts and 6727 ends, however in moments of good seeing
there is a hint of a dark lane through the nebula.

NGC 6729 Pretty bright, pretty small, comet shaped nebula with a
12th mag star in the tip at 135X. There is a faint star on the
south side. The UHC filter dims this object quite a bit, it must
be a reflection nebula.

IC 1297 Pretty bright, small, little elongated 1.2 X 1 in PA 0,
central star occasionally held steady at 270X. I found this object
at 135X, it was about 3 times the size of the Airy disk on a good
night which I rated 6/10 for seeing and 7/10 for transparency.