by Steve Coe
13" f/5.6 unless noted

NGC 181 Pretty faint, pretty small, round, somewhat brighter in the middle at 135X. Very near to Epsilon AND. Several other galaxies are marked on U2000 chart #90. They are very tough and I am could not hold them with any certainty.

NGC 205 (M 110) 8" Bright, large, not compressed , dimmer than M 32 Sentinel 8/10 S+T 11X80--just seen as an elongated blob. 60X in 13" bright, large, much elongated 3X1 in PA 165, much, much brighter middle, there are three level of brightening within the
galaxy. 150X makes it look like a little version of the Andromeda Galaxy itself. Covers the field of view from edge to edge. Bright, very large, much elongated, very much brighter middle, with a stellar nucleus.

NGC 224 (M 31) 8" f/4.5 Very very bright, very very large, very bright nucleus, spiral structure obvious, two dark lanes, one nearer to the core . 17.5" What can you say, 5 eyepiece field wide with a 20mm. Finder chart will allow observing at least 10 globulars. I
spotted 5. 13" at Cherry Rd. very much elongated in PA 35, many stars involved, all three galaxies fit within a one degree field of the 38mm Giant Erfle eyepiece at 60X.

Buckeye 7/10 S+T--Easily naked eye, direct your vision between AND and Dbl Cl, both about same brightness and size, PA of Dbl Cl a little more E-W. Elong 2X1, much brighter middle, not quite the size of the Pleiades. 11X80--spans entire FOV, much, much brighter in the middle with a bright nucleus. Both companions obvious, M110 easier. No dark lane, but M 31 cuts off on N side, where lanes are located. Elongated 5X1 in PA 30.

10X50 binocs--more prominent in binocs than in 11X80s, a "bow tie" effect has the galaxy appear narrowed around the core and thicker out in the arms. M110 obvious, M 32 just barely there.

13" with 38mm Erfle--Spans 3 1/2 fields, each FOV 1 degree. Very, very bright, very, very large, very, very elongated, very much brighter in the middle, has a bright nucleus. Two dark lanes on North side are there, but contrast is mediocre in this eyepiece. 22mm Panoptic--Best view, wide and contrasty. Dark lanes very prominent, an optical illusion of viewing through the dark lanes to see stars "on the other side". A blazing core compresses to a bright, stellar nucleus. Body of galaxy is smooth, very little mottling, except around NGC 206, the star cloud on SW end. 8.8mm Ultra Wide--220X much faint outer arm detail disappears at this power, but the core and NGC 206 are fascinating. NGC 206 is pretty faint, pretty small, elongated 2X1 in PA0, not brighter in the middle and very mottled. This star cloud stands out from the galaxy moderately well. The Core is a smooth progression of brightness down to a small very bright section in the middle, approximately 2 arcsec in size. There is a 14th mag star about one arcmin south of the core, it comes and goes with the seeing at 220X. 6.7mm Ultra Wide--going to 330X shows the stellar core about
20% of the time as a tiny, bright point.

6" f/6 Dugas S=5 T=6 22mm all 3 fit in field Very, very bright, NGC 206 seen, better with averted vision. The 2 dark lanes are also better with averted vision. There are several other bright markings in the arms and a lovely pearlescence of the entire galaxy.

10X50s Backyard pretty bright, pretty large, core easily seen, it is 2X1 elongated. Averted vision make it a little larger.

NGC 221 (M 32) 8" Bright, large, somewhat elongated, bright nucleus, near to spiral arm of M31. At Sentinel with 13" it is bright, pretty large, round, much brighter in the middle and has a stellar nucleus at 150X on a 8/10 night.

NGC 389 Very faint, pretty small, round, not brighter in the middle, there is a 12th mag star 1' NE, averted vision helps with object at 165X.

NGC 393 Faint, pretty small, little elongated 1.5 X 1 in PA 0, little brighter middle at 165X.

NGC 404 Pretty bright, pretty large, somewhat elongated, somewhat brighter in the middle at 135X. Very near to Beta AND.

NGC 708 Pretty faint, round at 135X. This is one of the centers of the Abell 262 galaxy group, there are three other galaxies in the field of view, all very faint.

Ultimate Star Party, McDonald Obs., Oct. 95, S=7, T=9, 36" f/5--

Abell 262 in AND 36" 20mm; Absolutely gorgeous, NGC 708 and 40 galaxies in THAT field; total count at least 100, 20 of which are pretty large and have some obvious size. Much of the main body is elongated into a line of galaxies.

NGC 752 8" Bright, large, not compressed, many nice chains of stars
13" Buckeye 6/10 Very bright, very large, round, not compressed, and rich at 60X in the 38mm Giant Erfle eyepiece. I counted 55 stars as members, this huge cluster has stars of 10th to 13th mag. It is naked eye and 10 stars where resolved in the 11X80 finder scope.

6" f\6 at Sentinel 8/10 Very bright, very, very large, 78 stars counted with 22mm Panoptic, not compressed, several nice chains, two pairs of stars are yellow and blue. 16 stars resolved in the 10X50 binoculars. Many bright and pretty bright members.

6" backyard bright, large, not compressed, somewhat rich, 22 stars counted with several nice chains and a fuzzy background. There is a bright triple star on the south side.

NGC 753 Pretty bright, pretty large, little brighter in the middle and little elongated 1.5 X 1 in PA 110 at 135X.

NGC 785 This is the other center to Abell 262, there is an edge on very close to NGC 785 and two other faint galaxies nearby.

NGC 818 Pretty faint, pretty large, elongated 2 X 1 in PA 110, considerably brighter middle at 135X.

NGC 828 Pretty bright, pretty small, round, bright middle at 135X.

NGC 891 17.5" Pretty bright, pretty large, very elongated, central bulge obvious, outer arms show sculptured detail at 200 X.
13" Sentinel 8/10 Bright, large, very much elongated 5X1 in PA 20. Thin dark lane is easy at 150X, it is better with averted vision. The central bulge of this galaxy stands out.

NGC 956 Pretty faint, pretty small, somewhat compressed, not much, two pretty bright stars and a few companions.

NGC 7640 Faint, pretty large, much elongated, somewhat brighter in the middle at 100X. This object is not much and the 10.9 magnitude is much too high according to the surface brightness of this object.

NGC 7662 17.5" Pretty bright, pretty small, round, a greenish dot at 100X. Using 320X it appears annular or ring-like, central star suspected in good seeing.
13" Dugas Rd. 8/10 Lovely blue-green disk at 100X. Going to 270X with the 15mm and barlow shows several rings around a central star that makes it look like the "CBS eye".
Sentinel 8/10 13" 150X-bright, pretty small, round, light blue. 330X-great view!! Internal detail shows turbulent swirls, central star comes and goes about 30 percent of the time, the blue color is not as obvious at high power. 440X-no new detail seen.
6" f/6 Backyard, checking HP 48 program--It Works! S+T=5 Recognized as PN with 22mm Panoptic, going to 8.8 shows it as bright, pretty large, brighter middle, aqua in color, the central star is seen 10% of the time.

NGC 7686 17.5" Pretty bright, pretty compressed, round, surrounds a yellow 8th mag *, reminds of Tau CMA and NGC 2362. Another observation with the 17.5" from a better site, I called the star orange and commented on lovely chains of stars within the cluster.
13" from Cherry Rd. 8/10 night; Pretty bright, large, not compressed, 37 members counted at 100X. One pretty bright member. The beautiful chains of stars form a spiral pattern outward from the center.

Buckeye 4/10 S+T 13" 100X--pretty bright, little compressed, not rich, stars mags 8...12, 28 stars counted. The Milky Way does not have a very high star density here, so it is well detached. There is a nice 8th mag yellow star in center. 150X brings out 5 more very faint
members, but that seems to be all there is to see. Also brings out a nice star chain and another triple star near the bright central star. More power does not help.

IC 65 Very faint, pretty large, much elongated 3 X 1 in PA 135, somewhat brighter middle at 135X.

IC 239 Very faint, pretty large, round, somewhat brighter middle, low surface brightness at 135X.

UGC 2034 Extremely faint, pretty small, elongated 1.5 X 1 in PA 0, not brighter in the middle at 135X. There is a 10 mag star on the Eastern end and a faint double star to the north. Averted vision helps this difficult object.

PK110-12.1 Could not see at Sentinel, Az. Good nite, even using the UHC filter did not bring it out.

Abell 347 Galaxy Cluster 13" Sentinel 8/10; 2 members faint, pretty small, round and not brighter in the middle. 6 other seen all very faint and small. Not a rich grouping, several pretty bright stars involved among the galaxies.

Multiple Stars

Gamma AND 8" Yellow and pale green. Easily split in any scope I have ever owned, it has been a favorite for years, I always see it as yellow and sea green.

Pi AND Split at 100X, white and royal blue

Struve 3042 Nice matched pair, two cream colored stars.

Struve 79 Almost match white pair, easy split at 100X.

h 1947 Easy at 100X, white and gray.

Grb 34 Easy at 135X, white and light blue

Red Stars

VX AND Orange pretty bright star at 100X.