Hershel 400 Objects in Triangulum

Abbreviations in the CON column are the IAU versions.
The column TYPE has following abbreviations:
OPNCL = open cluster PLNNB = planetary nebula GLOCL = globular cluster CL+NB = open cluster and nebulosity BRTNB = bright emission or reflection nebula
Hubble Classification for galaxies or GALXY where no classification existed.

In the Herschel Column the Classes are:
I = Bright Nebulae III = Very Faint Nebulae V = Very Large
VII = Pretty Much Compressed
Clusters of Large or Small Stars
II = Faint Nebulae IV = Planetary Nebulae VI = Very Compressed and Rich Clusters of Stars VIII = Coarsely Scattered
Clusters of Stars
Observation Notes
598 TRI Sc 01 33.9 +30 40 7.0 73'X45' H V 17 Very bright, pretty large, elongated 2 X 1 in PA 0, much brighter in the middle at 100X. M-33 is naked eye on the best of nights and obvious in the 10 X 50 binoculars. At 165X in the 13" there are several HII regions with dot the curving arms, including NGC 604 to the north of the nucleus. On a night I rated 8/10 at 5000 ft. elevation this beautiful spiral really showed off at 135X, the backround glow of M-33 sparkles with mottling and the gorgious arms winding about the compact core make an "S" shape that is ummistakeable.