Star Party Etiquette

These rules are intended to help maintain access and use of the Saguaro Astronomy Club observing sites for as many members and their guests as possible, while preserving the conditions that have brought us out to enjoy the sky. Following these rules will permit everyone to pursue the study and enjoyment of astronomy to the fullest satisfaction.

If you are new to the Club, or it has been a while since you have been to a part party, please take a few minutes to review these basic rules. Please don't hesitate to ask questions if anything is unclear.

Members are Responsible for their Guests

All non-members are considered ``Invited Guests,'' and must observe the rules.

Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages is Prohibited.

No Open Fires Permitted

Do Not Litter!

Everyone shall be responsible for their litter. If you bring it in, take it with you when you leave. Access to the observing site depends upon each member complying with this rule.

No White Lights after Dark!

Use dim red lights after sundown. Use only the minimum light necessary for safety. If you must use lights, please ask first, to avoid spoiling someone's night vision or astrophoto. Shield or turn off automatic car door or trunk lights (Pull the fuses if necessary.)

Park Based on your Observing Plan

Park facing towards the exit, to avoid having to backup using backup lights. If you planning to leave early, park close to the exit. If you do not bring a telescope, park away from observers and walk over.

Five MPH is the maximum speed while on observing field to keep dust to a minimum.

Bring Observers Only

Small children and pets generally do not enjoy star parties, and can be annoying to others. Please leave them at home if possible.

Keep Noise to a Minimum

Please, no loud radios, tape players, CB, CDs, horns, yelling, etc.

Plan Your Departure

Normal departure times are scheduled hourly after 10 PM. (Astrophotographers please note!) During the winter, departure times usually start an hour earlier. Use Parking Lights Only - No Headlights, Please! If leaving at other times, Please announce in advance (to save night vision and astrophotographer's tempers), and have someone lead your vehicle out with a flashlight.

Never be the Next to the Last to Leave

Don't leave someone alone at the observing site without first checking with them. Dead car batteries, vandals...

The above rules are general guidelines. All SAC members and their guests should be considerate and conscious of other members' feelings and conduct themselves accordingly.

Each person must help protect the Club's continuing privilege of access to the observing site by acting in an orderly and responsible manner at all times, by obeying these rules and all other applicable City, County, State, and Forest Service rules and regulations.

©2008 Saguaro Astronomy Club