Saddle Mountain

Altitude 1030 Ft. N 33 21.465 W 113 02.323

Drive west on I-10 to the Wintersburg Rd. Exit, this is Exit 98. Turn left (south) over the freeway and you will be driving directly toward the domes of the Palo Verde Power Station. Drive for 9.1 miles until you reach a “T” at Elliot Rd. Turn right (west) on Elliot Rd.

** For the return trip, notice that Wintersburg Road has become 383rd Ave.**

Drive west on Elliot Rd for 5 miles until you reach mile marker zero. The road turns sharply right then the pavement ends and a wide dirt road begins. Drive 4 miles on the dirt road to mile marker 11. Turn left and drive 0.3 miles, there is a wide opening on the left side of the road. There is a white rock marker on the left and room for lots of telescopes.


If you have a Garmin GPS receiver you can click here to download an Az Observing Site Garmin (.gdb) database file which you can open in MapSource and then send to your GPS unit. This will allow you to invoke your receiver's GoTo functionality to calculate a route to the all of the observing sites we frequent, complete with turn-by-turn directions. Alternately, click here to download a Saddle Mountain Site Garmin (.gdb) database file.