Hershel 400 Objects in Scutum

Abbreviations in the CON column are the IAU versions.
The column TYPE has following abbreviations:
OPNCL = open cluster PLNNB = planetary nebula GLOCL = globular cluster CL+NB = open cluster and nebulosity BRTNB = bright emission or reflection nebula
Hubble Classification for galaxies or GALXY where no classification existed.

In the Herschel Column the Classes are:
I = Bright Nebulae III = Very Faint Nebulae V = Very Large
VII = Pretty Much Compressed
Clusters of Large or Small Stars
II = Faint Nebulae IV = Planetary Nebulae VI = Very Compressed and Rich Clusters of Stars VIII = Coarsely Scattered
Clusters of Stars
Observation Notes
6664 SCT OPNCL 18 36.7 -08 13 7.8 16.0' H VIII 12 is pretty bright, pretty large, somewhat compressed and has 15 pretty bright stars with a sprinkling of dimmer members at 100X.
6712 SCT GLOCL 18 53.1 -08 42 8.2 7.2' H I 47 bright, little elongated, very rich, very compressed. Resolved at 100X, going to 165X brings out a myriad of dimmer members at the edge of resolution. This globular resides in a beautiful, rich Milky Way field that provides a lovely backround (foreground?).