Hershel 400 Objects in Eridanus

Abbreviations in the CON column are the IAU versions.
The column TYPE has following abbreviations:
OPNCL = open cluster PLNNB = planetary nebula GLOCL = globular cluster CL+NB = open cluster and nebulosity BRTNB = bright emission or reflection nebula
Hubble Classification for galaxies or GALXY where no classification existed.

In the Herschel Column the Classes are:
I = Bright Nebulae III = Very Faint Nebulae V = Very Large
VII = Pretty Much Compressed
Clusters of Large or Small Stars
II = Faint Nebulae IV = Planetary Nebulae VI = Very Compressed and Rich Clusters of Stars VIII = Coarsely Scattered
Clusters of Stars
Observation Notes
1084 ERI Sc 02 45.9 -07 35 12.0 3'X2' H I 64 Easily seen at 100X, pretty bright, elongated and somewhat mottled at 180X.
1407 ERI EO 03 40.1 -18 34 12.0 2.5'X2.5' H I 107 Pretty bright, round and much brighter in the middle at 100X. NGC 1400 and 1407 are surrounded by 10 fainter galaxies within 30 arc minutes.
1535 ERI PLNNB 04 14.2 -12 44 10.4 20"X17" H IV 26 Bright, pretty large, round, easy to spot at 100X. Going to 180X shows two concentric rings, one bright near the center, the other ring dimmer and larger that forms the outer edge of this planetary. The central star is easy at high power and the nebula is light blue at all powers.