Hershel 400 Objects in Cetus

Abbreviations in the CON column are the IAU versions.
The column TYPE has following abbreviations:
OPNCL = open cluster PLNNB = planetary nebula GLOCL = globular cluster CL+NB = open cluster and nebulosity BRTNB = bright emission or reflection nebula
Hubble Classification for galaxies or GALXY where no classification existed.

In the Herschel Column the Classes are:
I = Bright Nebulae III = Very Faint Nebulae V = Very Large
VII = Pretty Much Compressed
Clusters of Large or Small Stars
II = Faint Nebulae IV = Planetary Nebulae VI = Very Compressed and Rich Clusters of Stars VIII = Coarsely Scattered
Clusters of Stars
Observation Notes
157 CET Sc 00 34.9 -08 24 10.4 4'X3' H II 3 Pretty bright, large, elongated 2 X 1 and somewhat brighter in the middle at 100X. An 11th mag star in involved on the east side. At 135X this galaxy shows some mottling in moments of good seeing.
246 CET PLNNB 00 47.1 -11 53 8.5 240"X210" H V 25 is a very nice planetary to break up all these galaxies. It is bright, large and round at 100X. There are several dark areas in this nebula and they combine to look like this is a doughnut someone took a bite from. The UHC filter makes this effect more noticeable. There are three stars involved at 165X.
247 CET S- 00 47.0 -20 45 8.9 20'X7' H V 20 Pretty faint, very large, much elongated (4 X 1) and has a star at one end. It is not much brighter in the middle at 100X in the 13". This object was much more conspicuous in my old 17.5" at 130X. In either scope, this galaxy has a pretty low surface brightness and does not deserve the 10th mag rating it gets in many listings. The outer portions are mottled in both scopes, with good seeing.
584 CET E4 01 31.3 -06 51 12.0 3.8'X2.4' H I 100 Faint, small, elongated 2 X 1, not brighter middle.
596 CET E2 01 32.8 -07 01 12.5 3.5'X2.2' H II 4 Pretty bright, pretty small, round, much brighter middle at 100X. Has a stellar core at 135X in moments of good seeing.
615 CET Sb 01 35.1 -07 19 12.5 4.0'X1.7' H II 282 Pretty bright, pretty small, somewhat elongated, much brighter middle.
720 CET E4 01 53.0 -13 44 11.5 4.4'X2.8' H I 105 Pretty bright, pretty large, much elongated 3 X 1, somewhat brighter middle with bright almost stellar core.
779 CET Sb 01 59.7 -05 58 12.0 4.1'X1.4' H I 101 Pretty bright, Large, much elongated, much bright middle. Somewhat mottled at 165X.
908 CET Sc 02 23.1 -21 13 11.0 5.5'X2.8' H I 153 Pretty bright, large, elongated 2 X 1, gradually brighter middle. At 165X the core of this galaxy is elongated in the same PA as the galaxy.
936 CET SBa 02 27.7 -01 09 11.0 5.6'X4.5' H IV 23 Pretty bright, pretty large, round, much brighter middle. This is a barred spiral, but I could not see any central bar structure.
1022 CET Sb 02 38.5 -06 40 12.5 3'X2' H I 102 Pretty bright, pretty large, round, somewhat brighter middle.
1052 CET GALXY 02 41.0 -08 15 12.0 3'X2' H I 63 Pretty bright, pretty small, round, much brighter middle. This is the brightest galaxy in a small group. The central three galaxies offer an interresting contrast. NGC 1052 is round and pretty noticeable at 100X. One nearby companion is round and very faint, while another is pretty faint and elongated 3 X 1. They all fit in a 20 mm Erfle eyepiece which has a 30' field and gives 100X on the 13". A very nice grouping.
1055 CET SB 02 41.8 +00 26 11.5 8'X4' H I 1 = H II 6 Pretty bright, pretty large, much elongated (3 X 1), bright middle. Averted vision makes this object grow larger and will just bring out a dark lane running along the galaxy edge.