Hershel 400 Objects in Cassiopeia

Abbreviations in the CON column are the IAU versions.
The column TYPE has following abbreviations:
OPNCL = open cluster PLNNB = planetary nebula GLOCL = globular cluster CL+NB = open cluster and nebulosity BRTNB = bright emission or reflection nebula
Hubble Classification for galaxies or GALXY where no classification existed.

In the Herschel Column the Classes are:
I = Bright Nebulae III = Very Faint Nebulae V = Very Large
VII = Pretty Much Compressed
Clusters of Large or Small Stars
II = Faint Nebulae IV = Planetary Nebulae VI = Very Compressed and Rich Clusters of Stars VIII = Coarsely Scattered
Clusters of Stars
Observation Notes
129 CAS OPNCL 00 29.9 +60 14 6.5 21.0' H VIII 79 Counted 30 stars at 100X. Bright, pretty large, pretty rich, little compressed. Seen in 11X80 finder.
136 CAS OPNCL 00 31.5 +61 32 99.9 1.2' H VI 35 Counted 10 stars at 165X. Faint, small, compressed. Someone has a lot of nerve calling this a cluster.
185 CAS dE0 00 39.0 +48 20 9.7 12'X10' H II 707 Pretty faint, large, elongated 1.5x1, somewhat brighter middle, sonewhat mottled at 100X.
225 CAS OPNCL 00 43.4 +61 47 7.0 12.0' H VIII 78 21 stars counted at 135X. Bright, pretty large, little compressed. There is a nice chain of 7 stars on he east side.
278 CAS Sc 00 52.0 +47 33 10.9 2'X2' H I 159 Pretty bright, pretty large, round, much brighter middle. There is a 10th mag star on the north side.
381 CAS OPNCL 01 08.3 +61 35 9.3 6.0' H VIII 64 63 Stars counted at 135X. Bright, pretty large, compressed, lots of dim members provide a "cottage cheese" backround. Seen in 11X80.
436 CAS OPNCL 01 15.6 +58 49 8.8 6.0' H VII 45 28 stars counted at 165X. Pretty bright, small, somewhat compressed, pretty rich, nice at high power. There are several multiple stars involved.
457 CAS OPNCL 01 19.1 +58 20 6.4 13.0' H VII 42 Bright, large, pretty rich, compressed. 63 stars counted including Phi Cass, it is a light yellow star at the edge of the cluster at 100X. There is another bright star near Phi that gives the effect of having two glowing eyes looking back at the observer. In the Southwest we call this cluster the Kachina Doll, two sparkling eyes and the rest of the cluster outlines outstreched arms with feathers. Many tribes in the Southwest made such dolls for their rites.
559 CAS OPNCL 01 29.5 +63 18 9.5 4.4' H VII 48 Counted 15 members at 135X. Bright, pretty large, elongated 2x1, rich. Those 15 stars are superimposed on a very grainy backround and the whole thing can be seen in the 11X80 finder.
637 CAS OPNCL 01 42.9 +64 00 8.2 3.5' H VII 49 16 stars counted at 135X. Bright, pretty large, not compressed, pretty rich. Several of the brighter stars are about 10th mag. There is a lovely triangle of stars near the center. The cluster is easy in the 11X80 finder.
654 CAS OPNCL 01 44.1 +61 53 6.5 5.0' H VII 46 Counted 34 stars at 165X. Pretty bright, rich,compressed and round. There is a 7th mag star on the south side. There are lots of unresolved members even at 165X. A nice cluster.
659 CAS OPNCL 01 44.2 +60 42 7.9 5.0' H VIII 65 Counted 11 stars at 100X. Pretty bright, pretty small, not rich, not compressed.
663 CAS OPNCL 01 46.0 +61 15 7.1 16.0' H VI 31 Counted 69 stars at 100X. Bright, large, very rich, much compressed. Several 8th mag members across the face of the cluster. There is a curved north to south dark lane down the middle of the cluster. This is one of the best Non-Messier open clusters. It is unmistakeable in the 11X80 finder.
1027 CAS OPNCL 02 42.7 +61 33 6.7 20.0' H VIII 66 Bright, pretty large, pretty rich, somewhat compressed at 135X. 33 stars counted. There is no nebulosity seen, even with the UHC. Page 41 of the Atlas of Deep Sky Splendors shows a photograph with lots of nebulosity in this area. I tried to see it with the UHC and the 38mm Erfle eyepiece and could only pick out the part near Mel 15.
7789 CAS OPNCL 23 57.0 +56 44 6.7 16.0' H VI 30 160 Stars estimated by counting 40 in the N to W quadrant. Bright, large, very rich, very much compressed at 100X. There are many dim members in this excellant cluster. Dark lanes wind through this group from edge to edge and give the impression of spiral structure. At 165X the cluster fills the field with many lovely pairs and delicate asterisms. This cluster has been a favorite since my first observation.
7790 CAS OPNCL 23 58.4 +61 13 8.5 5' H VII 56 Counted 32 stars at 100X. Pretty compressed, pretty rich, brightest star 11th mag.