5 Mile Meadow
19 June 2004

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Observer Comments:
Steve Coe and I looked a long time for a site like this - one easily accessible by vehicles with low clearance like a Saturn.
(A. J. Crayon)


Oh, and Saturday night was indeed transparent: I detected the 14.8 magnitude galaxy IC 3303 and the 14.9 magnitude galaxy IC 3311 in my 12" f5 chinese Newt. while trolling the M84/86 region. They were barely there with averted vision, but they were *there*. I don't think that would have happened down in the desert.
(Matt Luttinen)


Just another cloudfree 'photometric' night, not the least bit unusual for the location! You get used to it, but you don't get over it.
(Brian Skiff, Lowell Observatory, commenting on the general area.)


Some additional photos taken that night (off site).