Astrophotos taken with the SAC Tracker


Comet_HB is Comet Hale-Bopp with Arizona's largest Saguaro cactus in the foreground. It is a 2 mintue exposure on Fuji 800 print film. I fired the flash to light up the cactus during the exposure.


Comet Hyakutake is Comet Hyakutake with a 35mm lens and a 4 minute exposure on Fuji 800 ASA film. A meteor crossed the tail during the exposure.


Cyg_Deep is a 50mm shot of the constellation of Cygnus. It is a 10min exposure with Fuji 800 film on a great night far from city lights, near Sentinel, Arizona.


Cyg-trees is a shot of the constellation Cygnus the Swan just above the trees at the Five Mile Meadow site near Happy Jack, Arizona. It is a 3 minute exposure with Fuji 800 film.


Milky-starparty is a shot of the SAC star party at Five Mile Meadow, it is a 6 minute exposure with a 24mm lens. The red lights in the foreground are SAC members viewing the sky and looking at star charts with a red flashlight.


Moon_JupSat is a shot of the crescent Moon in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn. AJ fired the flash to light up the tree, me and the saguaro.


Moon-trees is a shot of the thin crescent moon above the trees at Five Mile Meadow. It is a 2 second exposure with a 135mm lens at f/4.5.


Pipe_wide is a shot of the central area of the Milky Way with the 24mm lens and an 8 minute exposure. The head of Scorpius is on the right, Antares is center bottom, M 24 is on the left. The Pipe Nebula is the dark area center left.


Sco-trees is a photo of the constellation of Scorpius above the treeline at Five Mile Meadow. It is a 5 minute exposure with a 50mm lens and Fuji 800 ASA film.

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